coley is a content designer at lattice. which just means that she writes, edits, organizes, and strategizes about microcopy.

first and foremost, coley is a customer advocate. probably because she worked in support during the formative years of her career. she’s worked for tech companies at various sizes including airbnb, instacart, plasso, abstract, and docusign.

it’s highly likely she has a big ol’ crush on design systems and information architecture. okay, fine. she absolutely has a crush on those things. this year, she wants to stregthen her ontological and research skills.

in her free time, coley tends to cycle through a few hobbies. she loves portrait photography, travel, culinary adventures, interior design, reading fantasy novels, and making floral arrangements.

she lives in portland, oregon with a stubborn beagle who recently discovered that he absolutely hates raccoons.